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The bedrooms are classic Ace Hotel meets traditional Japanese, with a twist.


Turntables and a Japanese soaking tub. A+

The perfect use of traditional Kimono fabric, Japanese cypress and modern touches in every room.


THE Korimoto Pool

The pool is a modern take on a Japanese onsen meets infinity pool.


The use of binchotan instead of chlorine

The views of “new” Kyoto are unparalleled from the rooftop pool, where you can lounge, plan your day’s activities or grab a refreshing drink.

All the things you’d see in a Western gym plus

You’ll see traditional weights and pilates balls, but this is intentionally mixed with more Japanese machinery and workout props meant to relax and strengthen.

Perfect use of traditional Kimono fabric.


List Of Best Things To DO In The Area:

Kyoto distillery

Local whiskey as well as a few beers on tap.


Traditional papers are great for wrapping all your gifts.

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